What is the Best Solar Panel System for Home?

Solar panels are one more technology for powering your apartments. In brief, it works like this:

  1. you put a panel on the top of your building;
  2. the sunlight hits it;
  3. the device transforms it into electricity.

It sounds great, but it’s not that simple. First, you have to invest in buying and installing the technology. And even when everything is already installed, it’s not a given that you’ll be able to switch to solar power fully.

But you are able to make the most out of the building in a solar panel system. To achieve this goal, you must pick it correctly. In the text below, we will consider all the subtleties.

The Most Important Features of Solar Systems

The parameter that you will most likely pay attention to in the first place is the cost. However, on its own, it has no bearing on how good this particular model is. Nevertheless, the relationship “the more expensive – the better” is still traceable. But here, we would like to focus on what “being better” means for the solar cell.

The best solar panels for home are the most efficient. Efficiency, in that event, is determined by that:

  1. the device takes the maximum quantity of sunlight;
  2. the device transforms it into the maximum quantity of electrical energy.

The quantity is revealed as a percentage and is calculated in the laboratory as a stage in the construction of batteries. It is tested under standardized limitations, which for solar panels are as follows: a hot sunny day, illumination of 1000 W/m2, temperature 25 degrees Celsius.

The average number is about 15%. The maximum (currently on the market) is 25%. However, you have to remember that not all areas have such a hot and sunny day all the time, especially if you live not in LA. Besides, efficiency is affected by factors such as shade and placement of the device on the roof. If trees surround your house, you placed the panel flat, not on a slope, and on the north side, it will receive less sunlight and, therefore, transform less electric energy.

What are the Types of Solar Panels

Apart from external factors, the productivity of solar systems is directly affected by their design. It’s all about the fact that the main material that is able to absorb solar energy is silicon. But only high-priced models are made entirely of monolithic silicon. They are called monocrystalline and have the greatest efficiency since they do not have particles that are not made of silicon.

Slightly less productive designs are called polycrystalline. They, too, contain a lot of silicon, but they have gaps where the individual elements are bonded to each other.

Thin-film solar cells are the least powerful. They are created from other, cheaper elements and are coated with silicon only on top.

Best Solar Panel System Brands

The best brand in the market right now is called LG. It takes the first spot of all the tops because of its productivity. This brand offers models with an average rate of 22%. Also, Panasonic and SunPower are listed among the good companies.