Advisory Boards

Medical Advisory Board
VIRxSYS has assembled a Medical Advisory Board comprised of experts in HIV medicine.  The Medical Advisory Board offers guidance in the design and execution of the Company’s HIV clinical trials, and guidance in positioning VRX496.  The members of the Medical Advisory Board include:

Member Affiliation 
Brigitte Autran, MD, PhD
Groupe Hospitalier Pitie-Salpetriere
Paris, France
Steven Deeks, MD  University of California at San Francisco
San Francisco, California
Carl June, MD University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
 Christine Katlama, MD Groupe Hospitalier Pitie-Salpetriere
Paris, France
 Daniel Kuritzkes, MD  Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts
 Joep Lange, MD  Academic Medical Centre
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
 Julio Montaner, MD  British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
Vancouver, British Columbia
 Robert Murphy, MD  Northwestern University
Evanston, Illinois
 Richard Pollard, MD  University of California at Davis
Sacramento, California
 John Sullivan, MD  University of Massachusetts Medical Center
Worcester, Massachusetts
 Andrew Zolopa, MD  Stanford University
Stanford, California
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Intellectual Property

VIRxSYS has developed an extensive portfolio of intellectual property which is protected by a combination of patents, trade secrets, and trademark law. Below is a summary of the Company’s parent patents in the United States.  VIRxSYS also has many foreign counterparts in countries around the world.

Patent/Ser No. Issue / Publication Date Title
US 5,885,806 March 23, 1999 Methods to Prepare Conditionally Replicating Viral Vectors
US 6,114,141 September 5, 2000 Method to Express Genes from Viral Vectors
09/667,893 Filed September 22, 2000 Conditionally Replicating Vectors and Methods for Their Production and Use
US 6,168,953 January 2, 2001 Genetic Antiviral Agents and Methods for Their Use
US 6,207,426 March 27, 2001 Conditionally Replicating Viral Vectors and their Use
US 6,410,257 June 25, 2002 Method to Express Genes from Viral Vectors
US 6,498,033 December 24, 2002 Lentiviral Vectors
US 6,627,442 September 30, 2003 Methods for a Stable Transduction of Cells with HIV-Derived Viral Vectors
US 20040203017 October 14, 2004 High-Throughput Methods for Identifying Gene Function using Lentiviral Vectors
US 6,835,568 December 28, 2004 Regulated Nucleic Acid Expression System
US 20050123514 June 9, 2005 Increased Transduction Using ABC Transporter Substrates and/or Inhibitors
US 20060003452 June 30, 2005 Vector Packaging Cell Line
US 20050196381 September 8, 2005 Two-vector Complementary Systems for Generating Immune Responses
11/424,673 Filed October 20, 2005 Antibody Complexes
US 20050257277 November 17, 2005 Regulation of Transcription with a Cis-acting Ribozyme
10/587,437 Filed May 22, 2006 Transduction of Primary Cells
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Manufacturing Facilities

VIRxSYS is the only company currently testing a lentiviral vector permitted for use by the FDA in Phase II clinical trials. Consequently, VIRxSYS is uniquely positioned to manufacture clinical-grade lentiviral vectors for therapies treating a wide range of life-threatening diseases.

VIRxSYS is initially focused on using lentiviral vectors in cellular therapies for HIV/AIDS.

VIRxSYS both manufactures clinical grade lentiviral vectors and performs cell processing for clinical trials at its Gaithersburg, Maryland facility. Our manufacturing facility includes two class 10,000 clean rooms for vector reproduction and patient cell processing. In addition, the company has a dedicated plasmid production room, a suite of quality control labs, and a variety of support rooms.

In addition to our manufacturing facilities, VIRxSYS has extensive research and devlopment facilites and capabilities dedicated to supporting the manufacturing and cinical trial initiatives, as well as to developing a pipeline of therapies for additional disease indications.

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