Garden Pots

Garden pots are used widely by gardeners

Garden pots are used widely by gardeners and landscape designers and even interior designers for the purpose of improving the look of gardens, backyards and even interior decorations.

With the various colours, types, shapes and finish of garden pots, you can utilise them in various ways. For gardens, they are very important not only for aesthetic purposes but for organisations as well. You can cluster plants and flowers in corners of your backyard with the use of garden pots making it easier for you to tend to them as well as for space management.

By combining various pots with plants, trees, foliages and even the grass, you can produce contrasts in colours, textures and even levels. This is important for visual composition because with these contrasts, the aesthetic value of your garden is increased making your garden even more attractive.

Also, you can use these garden pots as interior decorations. You will notice that some hotel lobbies, restaurants and modern homes make use of large ceramic pots as accents to the overall design of the place. Some even make use of multiple small pots with various heights to produce levels in the visual effects of the elements used in their designs.

More importantly, garden pots can be used to grow seedlings properly. There are times when plants compete for the nutrients found in the soil. When this happens, some plants, especially the younger ones, don’t get enough nutrition, thus cannot grow properly and cannot produce flowers that you expect them to. With the use of garden pots, you can put fertilisers in these plant containers and be assured that the plant or seed that you are growing will receive enough nutrients it would need.

Different Kinds of Garden Pots

There are different kinds of garden pots available in the market. Actually the variation is vast that almost all kinds of styles and designs are available. This should be expected since people have been making pots ever since man learned to use fire and discovered clay.

But garden pots nowadays are no longer limited to ceramic and clay pots. Today, you will also find garden pots made of plastic and for some, there are even those made of cement.

Each of these pots could be used in creating a perfect garden for homes, schools, public places and commercial establishments. By combining these items with each other and with the different kinds of plants to be used in the landscaping and garden design, a wonderful and attractive garden could be produced.

Ceramic and clay pots are the most popular

Ceramic and clay pots are the most popular types because they probably are the most perfected types of pots. They have been used for centuries and you can only expect something to last that long if it is very effective in its purpose.

Plastic are also gaining popularity because of its abundance. But if you will ask me, I think that ceramics are still more effective and favourable in comparison to plastics.

Cements are very rare because these are usually made as plant boxes. You can find these in big houses and sometimes are constructed the same time as the house.

Whichever kind or type of garden pot you intend to use, the most important thin is that you make them work together and be coherent enough to create a sound landscape design.

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